Health & Safety

Health, safety, and cleanliness are our main priorities, where we have daily safety checks to ensure the equipment is kept up to safety specification and all play equipment conforms to British Safety Standards. Therefore, offering a safe and secure environment for children to keep active whilst having fun!

The safety of the child is also very important so a security gate has been placed to ensure no-one can escape!

We always have a First Aider on duty and all accidents, however minor need to be reported as we keep this information for future reference when equipment maintenance is carried out. We also always have someone trained in Essential Food Hygiene on duty at all times.


Rules of Play

To help your child play safely, please follow these simple rules:
  1. Children must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times. Parents / Guardians are responsible for their children and are NOT permitted to leave them unattended.
  2. No shoes must be worn in the play area, but socks must be worn at all times. Adults going on to the framework to collect or supervise children must also remove their shoes
  3. Any loose articles must be removed before playing, e.g. jewellery, pens, watches, ties, money, sharp objects etc. Children who wear glasses or contact lenses should take extra care and parents should be extra vigilant.
  4. It is advisable for children to wear long sleeve tops, which can be tucked in during the play session.
  5. When using the slides, children must keep their arms tucked in, face the direction of the slide and descend one child at a time. No under 3’s on the big wavy slide.
  6. Children who are unwell should not use the facility. Any medical problems must be reported to a member of staff on admission to the facility.
  7. Children are not permitted to eat sweets or chew gum whilst playing on the equipment. Snacks and drinks may only be consumed in the designated seating and party areas. No food to be brought in from outside sources.
  8. For the safety of all children using the play area, destructive or disruptive behaviour is not allowed. The management reserve the right to remove anyone behaving in an unacceptable manner.
  9. Parents / Guardians are advised to encourage their children to use the toilet facilities before playing.
  10. If you have a particular concern regarding your child’s safety, please speak to a member of staff.
  11. During peak times, admission may have to be restricted and timed sessions will be used.
  12. In the event of fire or emergency evacuation of the facility, please DO NOT go onto the play structure to collect your child. DO NOT stop to collect your belongings. Our staff are trained in evacuation procedures and will ensure all children vacate the facility quickly and calmly. Please leave the building by the nearest fire exit and proceed to the car park opposite taking care crossing the road – all children will be escorted to this point by the Chilly Kiddy’s staff. Please follow any instructions given by our staff.
  13. Please ensure that your child adheres to any instruction or directions issued by the staff during the play session.